Photo by Lidye on Unsplash

Nine Tables – A Bite of America


I like discovering new places, especially those that, for a while at least, remain somewhat hidden, tucked away in a narrow street, just a few steps from the city’s busiest parts.

You won’t like Nine Tables for its spacious interiors – though you will like the way this cozy space is decorated. However basic it may seem at first glance, it makes the place absolutely loveable. A fake Oscar, many famous faces smiling back from the photos on the wall, an electric guitar, a pink flamingo (?).

Bob Dylan said “I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me.” – well, Nine Tables is surely welcoming of each and every guest, and you will probably enjoy the whirl of colors, shapes and weird objects even before the food appears.

And when it does? Boy, you’re bound to make a soft ‘woooow’ sound. We went for their classic burger –popcorn on top of the bun, a good piece of juicy meat and bacon inside – with some veggies, just to calm your calorie-anxiety – plus, melted cheese and jalapenos on top of your fries, just to make the side dish real hot.

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