Nébih Recalled Several Oat Products


Nébih recalled several oat products due to their DON mycotoxin content.

Now, Nébih is analyzing a number of oat products because they suspect that many of them have DON mycotoxin above the limit.

They recalled a number of products, most of them are gluten-free:

Hunorganic Oatmeal, gluten-free with apple and cinnamon flavor.

HR Oatmeal, gluten-free with apple and cinnamon flavor, and with cocoa and chia flavor.

Naturbit Gluten-free Oatmeal.

Szafi free oat products: brown rice sprouts protein oatmeal, reform oatmeal, spicy oat, gluten-free oatmeal flour, strawberry-banana flavor oat pudding powder, cocoa flavor oat pudding powder, vanilla flavor oat pudding powder, breakfast/dinner powder without eggs, hot chocolate shake, quinoa oatmeal, vanilla and chia flavored quinoa oatmeal.

According to scientific studies conducted by the European Union, fuzarium toxins are very common among the mycotoxins in the food chain. Fuzariaosis is one of the most serious diseases in cereals.

Source: www.nosalty.hu

Photo: www.pixabay.com



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