Supporting the transition to safe, nutritious and sustainable food: outcomes of the ONE Conference 2022


How can we improve food safety? What did the ONE Conference recommend?

The outcomes and recommendations from our ONE Conference 2022 – held on 21-24 June in Brussels and online – have been published in the international peer-reviewed journal Trends in Food Science & Technology as a conference report article and in the EFSA Journal as an editorial.

Over 2,700 participants from academia, public institutions, the private sector and non-governmental organisations, attended the conference, either in person or remotely. More than 120 talks were delivered, while over 250 digital posters were presented.

The conference report article describes the outcomes and recommendations in detail, while the editorial sets out the top-level recommendations.

To continue to best protect human, animal, plant and environmental health, and deliver the highest value for society, participants encouraged EFSA to:

  1. keep up with the latest developments in science and technology, capitalising on data;
  2. invest in future preparedness;
  3. support the transition towards sustainable food systems;
  4. increase relevance to society;
  5. team up with food safety actors across the EU and beyond; and
  6. apply the One Health approach.

Applying the One Health approach would enable us to further advance food safety assessments by embracing new ways of working to connect and integrate knowledge, data and expertise from a wide range of disciplines, sectors and actors.

For those of you who may have missed the conference or want to revisit any of the sessions, you can watch all the video recordings online, hear from leading speakers in our interview series and revisit all abstracts and slides.

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