The European Parliament Has Voted: They Do Not Give Money to Hungary


The European Parliament has adopted the resolution that qualifies the Hungarian government’s commitments, which it made in the conditionality procedure to obtain EU funds, as insufficient. 573 members of the European Parliament participated in the vote, 416 voted for it, 124 voted against it, and 33 members abstained.

The resolution asks the European Commission and the Council not to close the conditionality procedure launched against Hungary and to freeze part of the subsidies due to Hungary. The resolution itself is not considered binding, it mostly serves to express the opinion of the European Parliament on the matter. However, this is important because the European Parliament can initiate a motion of no confidence against the committee and dissolve it if it deems that the committee is not performing its duties properly. The parliament does not have a good opinion of how well it has fulfilled and what kind of promises the Hungarian government made to the European Commission in the first place.

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