Novák discusses the role of families with Latvian president


Katalin Novák, the Hungarian president, discussed the role of families and traditional family ties with Egils Levits, her Latvian counterpart, on Monday in Riga where she is attending the Three Seas summit. Hungary and Latvia both support the European integration of Ukraine, Moldova and the Western Balkans, Novák said on Twitter. After the talks, Novák laid a wreath at the memorial of Hungarian Jewish women deported to Latvia during the Holocaust. Afterwards she held talks with Borut Pahor, the Slovenian president and Rumen Radev, her Bulgarian counterpart.
Addressing the Three Seas Summit, Novak expressed support for a peaceful resolution to the war in Ukraine and promoted Hungary’s economic interests. Novak noted on Facebook that the Three Seas Initiative was launched in 2015 to promote the North-South infrastructure axis in Europe to complement the existing East-West one. At the Riga summit of the presidents of 12 countries, she highlighted issues “that are important to Hungary and the Hungarian people”. As well as efforts to establish peace in Ukraine, Novák argued that the interests of countries without direct access to the sea must be taken into consideration when it comes to energy supplies. Further, the president said: “We support the swiftest possible accession to the European Union of Ukraine and Western Balkans countries.” The presidents of Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania and Bulgaria also attended the summit, alongside the prime minister of Croatia, the speaker of the Czech Senate and, through a video link, the Ukrainian president.



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