Cornerstone Laid for Hungary Supported School in Earthquake-Hit Petrinja


The cornerstone of a primary school built with Hungarian government support was laid in the earthquake-hit town of Petrinja, in central Croatia, on Wednesday.


Powerful earthquakes hit central Croatia on December 28-29 in 2020, killing seven people and injuring another 28. A total of 42,000 buildings were damaged, 8,180 of which needed to be fully refurbished and another 4,886 rebuilt from scratch. At the time of the disaster, the Hungarian government, charities and private individuals were among the first to offer aid and help to Croatia, Miklós Soltész, the state secretary for church and state relations, said in a phone interview. The school with 20 classrooms being built in Petrinja is part of the long-term project to build schools and churches launched by the Hungarian government, he said. Teaching at the new school is expected to begin in September next year once all necessary permits are obtained, Soltész said.

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