Szijjártó Granted Honorary Citizen Title in Lendava


Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó received an honorary citizenship from the eastern Slovenian town of Lendava (Lendva) on Thursday.


After receiving the award from Mayor Janos Magyar, he said it was a great honour, especially considering that he was the second Hungarian foreign minister after János Martonyi to receive it. On behalf of Hungarians, Szijjártó greeted Slovenia on the 30th anniversary of its independence and said that central Europeans had a special appreciation of the importance of freedom. Szijjártó said recent difficulties linked to the pandemic made it especially clear that nations in the region live in interdependence and this further confirmed two targets of Hungarian diplomacy: to maintain good relations with neighbours and to continually strengthen ethnic Hungarian communities across the borders. He added that thanks to the current political situation, “these two targets do not contradict each other but exist in harmony”. Cooperation between Hungary and Slovenia is based on mutual respect and true friendship, he said. “We know full well that the better it goes for our neighbours, the better it is for us also,” he added.

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