Morawiecki, Salvini Call for Renaissance of Traditional European Values


Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Matteo Salvini, the head of Italy’s right-wing ruling party Lega, argued in favour of Europe’s renewal and a renaissance of traditional European values after talks with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Budapest on Thursday.


In a press statement, Morawiecki said they have trust in the future of Europe and the European Union and hold the firm conviction that they together would be able to build a road for Europe. European integration can further develop but “for it to bear healthy fruits, its roots should not be neglected either,” the Polish premier said, stressing the need to return to Europe’s Christian roots. Morawiecki said common targets included Euro-Atlantic cooperation and deepening European integration while respecting national sovereignty, individual freedoms and protecting traditional European values and Christianity. He added that they believed Europe was “completely disintegrated” and damaged by various forces. The Brussels elite views Europe as a project for elite groups, he said, adding that “we would like to represent a wide range of people”.

Salvini said they were working to help European nations get out of their darkest post-WWII period into a new era in which freedom, rights and family would once again get into the focus. Salvini said that the EU had made a grave mistake when it rejected its Judeo-Christian roots in the basic treaty. He added that they did not want European nations to stand against each other but to establish a common European force which can protect the continent’s borders. Salvini said he believed European politics would not be the same after the coronavirus pandemic. Salvini said “left-wing cultural groups” should not be allowed to single-handedly determine the future because culture, the family and health are nobody’s monopoly.