LMP Calls for Quashing EU Mercosur Free Trade Deal


Opposition LMP submitted a draft resolution to parliament aimed at rejecting a free trade agreement the European Union has negotiated with South American trade bloc Mercosur, calling on the government not to ratify the pact.


“The agreement will have detrimental effects, contributing to deforestation, to the global trade of unhealthy foods and the torture of animals, and will also lead to a bankruptcy of European and Latin American farmers,” co-leader Erzsébet Schmuck told an online press conference, noting that Mercosur countries had licensed several types of pesticides banned in Europe. Péter Ungár, the secretary of the party’s board, said the agreement would contravene the global fight against climate change. He noted LMP’s resolution passed by Hungarian parliament in 2016 on rejecting any free trade agreement that would contravene the country’s nature protection and food safety regulations.