Hungary has the 10th highest food inflation in the world

Economy National

If we do not count Turkey, which only minimally overhangs into Europe, we are the only one from our continent to make it into the top 10.

Based on available data, the Washington-based World Bank compiled a list of ten countries with the highest food inflation, noticed. Hungary was ranked 10th on this list.

Two from Africa, three from Asia and South America are on the list, Hungary is the only purely European country, because Turkey, which is mostly located in Asia, is also there. The order:

  1. Zimbabwe 321%
  2. Lebanon 203%
  3. Venezuela 158%
  4. Turkey 102%
  5. Argentina 92%
  6. Iran 84%
  7. Sri Lanka 74%
  8. Rwanda 65%
  9. Suriname 51%
  10. Hungary 44%

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