From Now On, It Is Forbidden to Take Firewood Out of the Country


The government orders an export ban on energy carriers, including firewood: the export of firewood, which is of strategic importance from the point of view of energy supply security, is under the control of the government, it can limit it if necessary and can use its right of pre-emption – said Minister of Agriculture István Nagy published in the Magyar Közlöny in connection with the decree.


According to the announcement issued on Tuesday evening, the head of the ministry drew attention to the fact that, in addition to the government buying new gas reserves and increasing gas production, it is also part of the extraordinary measures to control and regulate the export of firewood abroad in order to ensure the supply of domestic fuel.

Pursuant to the new decree, organizations and private individuals carrying out firewood are obliged to report all planned foreign sales to the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH), which provides information about this to the Ministry of Agriculture.
If wood that the applicant wants to sell abroad is needed to supply the Hungarian population, the government uses its right of pre-emption provided for in the decree and purchases the quantity for domestic public purposes through the designated state forest manager.

“It is very important that it is not a general ban, but an emergency regulation that ensures the energy needs of the Hungarian people” – István Nagy said. Pursuant to the provision, purchased firewood is used for social purposes or to ensure the smooth performance of state and local government public duties.

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