Opposition Calls for Special Parliament Session to Debate Tax Changes


The opposition parties have called a special session of parliament to discuss proposals regarding changes to the small business tax (kata) for Aug. 8.


The Momentum party said in a statement that the opposition called on parliament to withdraw the amendment to the kata tax, which limited the circle of SMEs entitled to use it. The opposition also called on government parties to adopt opposition proposals to aid people hit hard by the cost-of-living crisis in the country, Momentum said.


At the same time, Fidesz parliamentary group leader Máté Kocsis “made it clear in advance that his party won’t attend the meeting, suggesting that Fidesz does not care about the fate of Hungarians and Hungarian families,” the opposition statement said. Should the session have quorum, the agenda will include abolishing utility fee raises, a home insulation programme, the food crisis, a climate pass to motivate motorists to change to public transport, and VAT cuts on certain essential products, proposed by the Socialists, Democratic Coalition, Párbeszéd, LMP and Jobbik parties.





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