Number of Remote Workers Grows Three-Fold in 2020


The number of remote and home office workers grew three-fold in Hungary in 2020, to 8.6% from 2.9% on average in the past decade, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said.


The number of home office workers jumped after the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic last year. Their number, which was around 100,000 in February 2020, grew three-fold by March that year, peaking in May, with 17% of all employees, or 760,000 people, working from home. In February 2021, 482,000 people worked from home, which comes to 11% of the workforce, KSH said. Women, urbanites and the 25-44 age group are overrepresented among home office workers. A vast majority, 77% of those in home office, are university graduates, KSH said. Fully 10% of workers of companies with more than 50 employees and 11% of the employees of state-owned companies have taken up the opportunity to work at home, KSH said.


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