Socialists Call for Direct Grants for SMEs


The opposition Socialists on Sunday called for direct grants and the extension of the loan moratorium for SMEs to mitigate the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


Lawmaker László Szakács told an online press conference streamed on Facebook that rather than offering loans, the government should provide non-refundable financial support to SMEs. He insisted that the funds for such a step were at hand. Szakács accused the government of providing such support only to “oligarchs” close to the government. The Socialist politician also called on the government to extend the loan moratorium, which was introduced last spring and is slated to expire in July, until SMEs can pay their debt “with absolute certainty”. He also proposed that the tax authority refrain from auditing “members of the hospitality industry still on their feet” for the time being. “Generosity would probably save jobs and companies in this situation,” he said.

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