Number of Hungarians Living in Poverty Plummets


Eurostat data show that the ratio of Hungarians living in poverty has dropped over the past ten years, a human resources ministry’s official said, visiting a foster family in a village in north-eastern Hungary.

Whereas the ratio of those living beyond the poverty line was 23.4% in 2010, this dropped to 8.7% last year, Attila Fülöp, the state secretary in charge of social affairs, said in Tarpa. “Jobs are key to developing communities that help improve a secure way of life,” Fülöp told a press conference.

He said a recent report by “leftist” Hungarian economic research institute GKI aimed “to prove” that poverty in Hungary had increased in the past ten years. “But, contradicting the Budapest institute’s report, the reality can be found here in Tarpa,” Fülöp said, adding that “authentic Eurostat data, a standard across Europe, prove that the number of those living in poverty has dropped.”


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