Orbán: Hungary must function

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The government is working to ensure that Hungary is able to function, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public broadcaster M1 on Saturday evening, asking the public to observe coronavirus-related measures.

Referring to the government’s “National Consultation” survey, Orbán said that respondents indicated a common wish that the government, the prime minister, the health-care system and economic policymakers should ensure that Hungary continues functioning and that they should prevent the epidemic from paralysing the country. Orbán said he was not as worried as during the first wave of the epidemic, because “we now know exactly what we are facing” and the country has all the equipment needed for defence against the virus.
“I am not alone in this fight, but together with 1.8 million people,” Orbán said, and thanked the survey’s respondents. The prime minister said that the number of new infections had been record high for the previous two days, adding that that number was expected to further increase. He noted, however, that during the second wave it was the number of deaths rather than new infections that should be in the focus. “The success of prevention could now be measured by the number of lives saved versus fatalities,” he said.


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