Government to Support Music Festival, Concert Organizers

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Government Spokeswoman Alexandra Szentkirályi told a press briefing that the government has decided to provide 2.12 billion forints (EUR 6.1m) of funding to support music festival and concert organisers whose business has been hard hit by the coronavirus crisis.

In the countryside 80 clubs will be eligible for a maximum of 9 million forints of funding. Each allocation will help with the hosting of 10 events, meaning that the organisation of 800 events will be supported by 720 million forints, she said. Separately 20 major clubs and concert venues will each be eligible for 30 million forints of funding, adding another 200 events will be organised with 600 million forints of support. In neighbouring countries 11 clubs will get 9 million forints each to help host 11 events at each venue with the government spending 100 million forints on supporting 120 events. Szentkirályi also said that the Petőfi Literary Museum will be overseeing the distribution of funds for concerts and clubs and the Hungarian Tourism Agency for festival organisers.


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