Hungarian composer in the Grammy foyer


Czomba Imre, a Hungarian-American composer living in Los Angeles, is competing in the Grammy® pre-nominations with two of his albums. He received pre-nominations in two entirely different styles. 

The composer is nominated in the Song of the Year and Best Arrangement, Instruments, and Vocals categories. In the latter, he earned a nomination for his work on the “Truth Unfolds” project (Pull n Way, Imre Czomba, and Andy Prinz).

Czomba Imre also secured another nomination in the Best Contemporary Instrumental Album category, and the interesting part is that the album, titled “Fifty Years,” is his own personal project. It was recorded with the collaboration of Mill Scoring led by Károly Tamás from Miskolc.

Czomba Imre met the popular Swiss pop band Pull n Way on the internet, which he judged at a prestigious music competition. “Andy Prinz, a renowned Swiss producer, and I quickly found common ground. We started working on music ideas without constraints, blending different musical styles. This led to the creation of the song ‘Truth Unfolds.’ I’m very proud of this song. We exchanged musical ideas back and forth, which is not uncommon in 2023, thanks to the internet, as there are no longer any boundaries. We never met in person, but we already have a song competing for a Grammy nomination… This is a tremendous honor, and for me, it also demonstrates that collaborative artistic work transcends borders in today’s world,” said the composer of our magazine. He added, “Regarding the song and my own album, we received numerous accolades, including from Walter Afanasieff, with whom Imre works on many productions as an arranger and conductor. It’s a great honor to collaborate with one of my childhood role models. Walter is a multi-Grammy-winning composer and producer who is considered the mastermind behind almost all the famous ballads of the ’90s and 2000s (Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, etc.). By the way, we recently completed a super-production in Vienna with a massive orchestra recording, featuring the participation of many global stars. I can’t wait to share news about its release.”

– Virág Vida –

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