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The team of Musexpo is proud to bring together those who share the same values and passion for music, good people and a great experience.” The expo started on March 19th and will end tonight, March 22nd in Los Angeles.

“We held the first Musexpo back in 2005 in West Hollywood”

– said Sat Bisla, President & Founder.

“It’s the 23th global edition, 17th in Los Angeles, Burbank. We did one in London and one in Australia. So two more years and we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the MUSEXPO. ”

“We have three and a half day events. We have showcases in Hollywood at the S.I.R. Studios Hollywood and all day panel programs that are held in Castaway in Burbank”

– explained Sat Bisla. Every evening we have a wine tasting and cocktail networking reception for the community of the industry who attend the expo.

Eight-Eight bands and performers performed on both of the first two showcase nights on two stages in S.I.R Studios Hollywood. The first night program included Louis Beery, Kamrad, Lauren Waller, Jagmac, Madyx, Second Theory, 3REE, and Vella. We visited the second day’s showcase program. The program started with Danny Baldursson, and continued with Noble, Waiting for Smith, City Baser, Holly Riva, Single by Sunday, King Youngblood, Masi Masi. Our pics from the bands were UK melodic Pop Punk band, Single by Sunday and the American alt-rock afro-punk band from Seattle, King Youngblood – who created an amazing atmosphere on stage 2.

This year is also giving space for the introduction of the Czech music industry represented by many Czech professionals, including Marton Naray, Director of SoundCzech /Czech Music Office.

The MUSEXPO and Global A&R supported artists like Adele, Katy Perry, LMFAO, MUSE, Sia, Coldplay, Dido and others in the past.


– Virág Vida –


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