Budapest Cinemas Preparing a Mini-Festival for the Capital’s Birthday


Five cinemas in the capital are preparing a mini-festival for Budapest’s birthday, where a stand-up evening, an improvisational theater, a film premiere and concerts await those interested on Friday, November 18th.

At the Corvin Cinema, comedians Gergely Litkai, Attila Csenki, Fruzsina Ács and Viktor Szupkay share their funniest stories about Budapest, Mayberian Oldschool and Budabeats give concerts, and Budapest Retro screenings take viewers back to the capital’s earlier decades.

The film drama Larry, Bernáth Szilárd’s first feature film, starring Benett Vilmányi and Szabolcs Thuróczy, will be screened before the premiere at Toldi. Then the national finals of the Budapest Open Mic freestyle rap competition await those interested.

In Puskin, the Momentán Társulat explores the stories and commonplaces of Budapest. The city history walk about the heyday of the cinema starts from the entrance of the Művész Cinema. In the building, those who are interested can get to know the capital’s electronic music and hardcore/punk scene with the help of BP Underground films. The Fortepan team recalls Budapest’s past through photos and conversations at the Tabán Cinema. The series of programs celebrating the capital’s birthday is Egy híján 150! begins with a two-day event on the 149th anniversary of the unification of Pest, Buda and Óbuda, on November 17th. On the same day, the chamber formations of the Budapest Festival Orchestra will perform in the most popular pubs and cafes of the capital in the program entitled Night of Music.

There will be a poster exhibition in the Városháza park, a library day in the Central Library of the Szabó Ervin Library, where a guided walk and interesting facts about the city’s history await those interested, but the library’s member institutions are also preparing exciting programs.


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