PTSD: The Walking Wounded – digital film premier on October 1

“Not everybody who looks normal and fine is normal and fine.” – says one of the characters in Ash Patino’s powerful documentary, in PTSD: The Walking Wounded. It’s a terrifying fact, that 22 United States veterans die of suicide every day.

Real stories told by real American heroes. Stories told so that others may live. You are not alone. There is hope to heal.
The film encourages veterans and their family members that they are not alone in the unique struggles that come along with service. It also shows a civilian’s efforts in helping this community while healing his own wounds.
Writer/director Ash Patino’s documentary on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), particularly within the military industry, premieres on digital October 1 from Gravitas Ventures.
Featuring Sergio Agudelo, Matthew Gadomski, Allen Hershman, and David Lionheart, PTSD : THE WALKING WOUNDED focuses on invisible wounds within the military community and community at large.
Virag Vida

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