Korean Day on 19th March


Programs brought to you by the Korean Cultural Center.

Date: 2021. 03. 19. 10:00-20:00
10:00-10:10 Video Check-in by Director of KCC
Language: KOR, subtitles: HUN/ENG
10:40-11:00 Korean Language mini series
Language: HUN
12:00-12:15 Cooking video: Kimchi jjigae
language: HUN, subtitles: ENG
Chefs are Nam Young Eim and Zoli Beck
13:00-13:20 Korean language mini series
Language: HUN
14:00-15:00 Live chat
Participants: Alexandra Urbán (Hungary) + Nikolett Kőrösi (South-Korea)
Theme: Life in Korea as a foreigner
Language: HUN
15:30-15:40 Korean Language mini series
17:00 Online Exhibition of Korean Documentary photographer, Yoon Gil Jung
19:00 Performance: Two Hands
Two Hands is a combination of Korean traditional shamanism and contemporary media performance, raising the question of whether future technology can dominate the human mind and soul. Alluding to Roy Ascott’s Technoetic Arts, which talks about the connection between technology and spiritual means, Two Hands focuses on the spiritual experience that will present a new possibility to expand the limits of technology.
The program is part of the International Spring 2021 program series.

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