New Regional Center of Academia Europaea Has Been Established in Budapest


New regional center of Academia Europaea, with the support of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest, was established on December 9th, 2020 as Academia Europaea Budapest Regional Knowledge Hub.


The scientific director of the center is László Lovász, a mathematician and former president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The opening event took place on December 9th, 2020, starting at 2 p.m., online due to the epidemic situation.

Tamás Freund, President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and Sierd Cloetingh, President of Academia Europaea, also gave a welcoming speech at the opening.

The concept of the four priority thematic programs of the Knowledge Center was presented by the co-chairs in charge of each program, accompanied by scientific presentations.

The thematic missions of the newly established Knowledge Center and their co-chairs are as follows:

I. Widening European participation (Éva Kondorosi and Gergely Toldi)

II. Danube region (András Báldi and Katalin Solymosi)

III. Methodology of Science Education (Csaba Pléh and Eszter Gselmann)

IV. Urban Sustainability (Gábor Stépán and Péter Török)

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