Travel Market and Exhibition, 22-24 March


The 23rd Travel Market and Exhibition will be organized this weekend (22-24 March) at Kölcsey Convention Centre.

It is a tradition that regions of the country represent themselves in the market; this time it will be the Northern-Hungarian region.

Dance shows, wine presentations, tombola will entertain the visitors.

The first bicycle exhibition will be organized at the lounge of Kölcsey Centre.

The gastronomic exhibition and market presents traditional dishes of Hortobágy and its area.


22 March, Friday

9.00-17.30: SEE Science Festival in MODEM and Baltazár Dezső Square

23 March, Saturday

10.30: Elementary School of Szoboszló Street

– folk dance show of the 4th grade

– traditional “Gergelyjárás” of the 1st grade

14.00: “Csürdöngölő” folk dance show of Lórántffy Zsuzsanna Elementary School

24 Marc, Sunday

11.00: trial show of Debreceni Kerékpár Kft. (Bicycle of Debrecen Ltd.)

13.30: folk dance show of Youth and Adult Folk Dance Group of Debrecen

15.00: Eastsiders Crew street dance show


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