Diaspora Workshop: Common History


Debrecen Summer School organizes an interactive course, the Diaspora Workshop, which is scheduled to take place in Debrecen, July 22 to 28, 2012.

Debrecen Summer School was founded in 1927. Today it is one of the oldest institutions in Debrecen, that teaches Hungarian as well as foreign languages. Almost 50 language teachers give lectures to the students of 30-40 foreign countries. Besides language courses there are courses on music, acting, ethnography and history.

This year, the structure of teaching has been widened. The Diaspora Workshop is a novelty among history-based courses, since it is interactive. In the first place, it is arranged for those Hungarians who live abroad and would like to share their own history in 15-20 minutes; how their lives are going in the Diaspora, what are the links that connects them to their mother country. These stories will be recorded to broaden the documentation of Hungarians’ common history.

The official language of the course is Hungarian, however a section in English will also be launched, in case of requirements.


Source: eduline.hu

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